Vitamin D3 doubly effective in increasing vitamin levels like vitamin D2

Doctors are studying the effectiveness of vitamin D2 and vitamin D3
In a recent study, researchers looked at low doses of vitamin D in fortified foods to determine which of the two types of vitamin D (vitamin D2 or vitamin D3) is more effective in absorbing the vital nutrient.

The University of Surrey researchers found that vitamin D3 is much more effective in increasing vitamin D levels in the human body than vitamin D2. The doctors released a press release on the results of their study.

Experts examined 335 female subjects
The human body needs vitamin D. The researchers are now trying to find out which form of vitamin D works most effectively for us. Vitamin D3 comes from animal products. In contrast, vitamin D2 comes from plants. For their current study, the experts examined the vitamin D values ​​of 335 South Asian and European women over two consecutive winter periods. It is known that during this period, the nutrient is often lacking in the body. The women were divided into five groups during the examination. Each group received either a placebo, juice with vitamin D2 or D3, or a biscuit with vitamin D2 or D3, the authors say.

Vitamin D3 twice as effective as vitamin D2?
The scientists found that vitamin D3 was twice as effective as vitamin D2 in increasing the levels of the vitamin in the body. The level of vitamin D in women who received vitamin D3 through juice or biscuits rose by 75 percent. When the subjects received vitamin D2, the vitamin D levels increased by 34 percent, the doctors say. When participants received the placebo, they experienced a 25 percent reduction in vitamin over the same period.

Recommendations from government agencies need to be revised
The current recommendation from a number of government agencies worldwide (including the US National Institute of Health) states that the two forms of vitamin D are equivalent and can be used equally. According to the researchers, this must now be corrected

Negative effects can be prevented by taking vitamin D3
In the UK, more than one in five people suffer from vitamin D deficiency, doctors say. The daily consumption of products that contain vitamin D3 but no vitamin D2 will enable the population to consume enough vitamin D. The authors add that negative health effects such as osteoporosis, rickets and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases can be avoided.

Results will have an impact on retail
Current knowledge has an impact not only on the health sector, but also on the retail sector. In recent years, many retailers have added vitamin D2 to their product range. However, the current study now provides evidence that vitamin D3 is most effective for increasing vitamin D levels in the body, the scientists say.

Sometimes getting enough vitamin D from the sun is not easy
The importance of vitamin D in our body should not be underestimated, explains author Dr. Laura Tripkovic from the University of Surrey. In the UK, it is very difficult to get enough vitamin D from the natural source (the sun). So we have to supplement this deficiency with our diet, says the expert.

Vitamin D improves long-term health
However, our results show that vitamin D3 is twice as effective as vitamin D2 in increasing the level of vitamin D in the body, the doctor says. When people ingest vitamin D3 through fish, eggs, or supplements, they are twice as likely to increase their vitamin D levels compared to people who eat foods that contain vitamin D2. This could improve the long-term health of those affected, explains the researcher.

Results will revolutionize health authorities' views
This is a very exciting discovery that will revolutionize health and retailers' views on vitamin D, said Professor Susan Lanham-New of the University of Surrey. Vitamin D deficiency is a serious matter, and the new results will hopefully help people make the right decision to improve their vitamin D levels, the scientist adds. (as)

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