Investigation: Is our maximum life expectancy higher than 115 years?

Investigation: Is our maximum life expectancy higher than 115 years?

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Doctors spark new debate about the maximum human lifespan
The maximum life expectancy of people has increased significantly in recent decades. Researchers have now found that human lifespan could far exceed previous predictions. A previous study had estimated life expectancy to be 114.9 years. However, current research has now shown that there is no evidence of an upper life limit. The experts came to the conclusion that such a limit could at least not be found at 115 years.

The researchers at McGill University found that the upper limit of human life expectancy is not 115 years, as researchers recently claimed. The upper limit of human life actually seems to be even higher. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Nature".

Previous study met with exceptional criticism
The current research is a response to the study that rated the longevity cap at 114.9 years. This claim has met with exceptional criticism from the scientific community, the authors say. As a result, various teams of researchers began their work to refute the results.

There is no evidence of reaching an upper limit of life expectancy
Together, the experts came to the conclusion that there is no compelling evidence that humans have reached an upper limit of life expectancy. In any case, such a limit would be well over 115 years, the researchers emphasize.

Is there an upper limit on life expectancy at all?
The results indicate that there is no possible limit to the lifespan, the authors explain. If there was such a limit, it would be over 120 years. Or maybe there is no upper limit at all, the experts add. The authors of the previous study responded to these statements with doubt and suspicion.

The results of the previous study were simply wrong
The original study used data from the so-called International Database on Longevity. The researchers found that the maximum age of death had risen rapidly between 1970 and the early 1990s. In the mid-1990s, maximum life expectancy seemed to have leveled off at 114.9 years. However, the current research has concluded that the previous conclusions are incorrect. According to the scientists, there is no upper life limit at 115 years.

A pre-programmed length of life seems implausible
One of the main reasons for doubting the original results was that although there was only a slight increase in lifespan in the period around 1995, the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment died in 1997 at the age of 122. The notion that our internal biological clock is pre-programmed for a certain length of life seems to be quite implausible, the authors of the current study explain. (as)

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