Psychologists warn: Teen series "Dead girls don't lie" can trigger suicide

Psychologists warn: Teen series

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Psychiatric societies strongly advise against consuming the series
The TV series "Dead girls don't lie" focuses on the suffering and suicide of a teenage girl and is one of the most discussed formats at the moment due to the drastic and romantic way of presenting it. In Germany, the first suicidal crises and even suicides are known to be directly related to the series.

That is why DGKJP and DGPPN have issued a statement to point out the considerable risks and negative consequences of the program. In particular, mentally unstable and vulnerable young people are strongly advised against consuming the series.

The US TV series “Dead girls don't lie” has been available in Germany since March. She describes in detail the stressful circumstances to which the young protagonist is exposed before finally killing herself. The girl leaves behind audio tapes in which she settles with individual people, who makes her directly responsible for her suicide. The presentation of the suicide itself is explicit and disturbing. Suicide is presented as a last resort and romanticized. The girl's school locker is converted into a shrine by her classmates, which means that the suicide is posthumously upgraded.

In a joint statement, DGKJP and DGPPN are clearly criticizing the TV series. Accordingly, international research has clearly shown that a detailed and drastic representation of suicides significantly increases the risk of counterfeiting, especially in vulnerable and suicidal people (so-called Werther effect). At the same time, the series ignores international guidelines and recommendations for the presentation of suicides in the media.

The professional societies are also increasingly confronted with reports of suicide attempts and completed suicides by young people, which are said to be directly related to the consumption of the series. You therefore strongly advise mentally unstable and vulnerable young people to stop consuming the series.

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