Meat - rather healthy or a sick person?

Meat - rather healthy or a sick person?

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Opinions differ on the subject of meat. Vegetarians and vegans reject meat for ethical and usually also health reasons. Proponents of the low-carb trend, on the other hand, praise low-fat meat as a vitamin-rich, filling slimming agent. It says in advertising: meat is a piece of vitality. But who is right now?

The quantity makes the poison
Hardly any food provides us with iron and high-quality protein as effectively as meat. Red pork, game and beef in particular are an ideal source of iron. The valuable vitamin B12, which is found almost exclusively in animal foods, is primarily found in meat and sausages. A deficiency damages the intestinal mucosa as well as blood cells and leads to anemia. Even a lack of folic acid can be caused by an insufficient supply of vitamin B12.

Too much meat can also make you sick. Meat contains many saturated fats and cholesterol. This can damage the blood vessels. The meat also contains purines, the breakdown products of which increase uric acid levels and can lead to gout. The painful disease of the musculoskeletal system is considered to be a proven disease of affluence. With a few, mostly genetic, exceptions, gout occurred in times of low meat consumption, e.g. B. in the last years of the war until the post-war period, hardly ever.

The advice of nutritional science: Reduce meat consumption. Follow the motto: "Quality and class instead of cheap and quantity." Buy from your trusted butcher if possible. Cut off visible fat edges, prefer low-fat sausage and lean ham. Animal fats are rich in saturated fat. These are partly responsible for some metabolic disorders. When frying you should use high quality vegetable oils such as Prefer rapeseed or avocado oil.

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