Tragic death of a small child: three-year-old dies during dental treatment

Tragic death of a small child: three-year-old dies during dental treatment

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Healthy three-year-old girl dies when she visits the dentist
In California, a little girl died visiting a dentist. According to press reports, two teeth should be extracted and two more sealed during the routine procedure. But then the three-year-old apparently suffered a cardiac arrest. It is still unclear why this happened.

Cardiac arrest after dental treatment
In the United States, a little girl died on a routine visit to the dentist. According to press reports, three-year-old Daleyza Avila Hernandez from the US state of California died of a cardiac arrest. The doctors said something had gone wrong. The girl probably had a heart defect. The parents deny this. Her daughter was "very healthy".

Mother cannot explain her daughter's death
As the Internet portal "Fox40" reports, the child should have two teeth pulled and two sealed in the Children's Dental Surgery Center in Stockton near San Francisco.

Shortly before, her mother Araceli Avila posted photos of her daughter, in which she is very lively. The little girl is dead just half an hour later.

"I only took my daughter to the dentist for her teeth to be straightened, and only 30 minutes later they brought her back dead," the mother said, according to Fox40.

Araceli Avila was not allowed to be there while her daughter was being treated. As she waited, she saw an ambulance arrive.

"And I got up and went outside, I thought she was coming for a child, but I didn't think it was for my child."

A short time later a nurse came to tell her that something had gone wrong. She was told that her daughter's heart stopped beating - and the girl may have had heart problems.

May not tolerate anesthetics
However, the mother pointed out that her daughter was "very healthy".

According to the US broadcaster "Fox News", a spokesman for the dental clinic said the girl could not tolerate the anesthetic.

“We are committed to helping children every day. This is our mission, that's why we are here. It is risky. Not everyone wants to do it, ”said the spokesman.

Last year, a 14-month-old baby died in Texas from dental treatment because of anesthesia problems.

In Germany, too, there were deaths on the dentist's chair. Last year, an 18-year-old died of heart failure in a dental practice in Hamburg.

The teenager had apparently taken diclofenac and ibuprofen regularly. According to experts, such pain relievers increase the risk of cardiac death.

Effects on the heart
Problems with your teeth can also affect your heart.

If toothache is caused, for example, by gingivitis, the germs can get into the bloodstream and thus to the heart.

The doctors cannot yet say why the three-year-old died in California. According to the information, an investigation is now pending.

"I don't want what happened to me to happen to another mother," said Araceli Avila. (ad)

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