Germany-wide recall campaign started at Rossmann for peppermint herbal tea

Germany-wide recall campaign started at Rossmann for peppermint herbal tea

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Rossmann calls back “King’s Crown Herbal Tea Peppermint”
The drugstore chain Rossmann has launched a recall for the "King’s Crown herbal tea peppermint" due to the presence of tropane alkaloids. All necessary precautionary measures have already been initiated and the affected items have been taken out of sale, the company said. Consumers are asked to stop using the tea with the corresponding batch number and to return it to the sales outlets.

The recall for the "King’s Crown Herbal Tea Peppermint" was initiated, according to the drugstore chain, based on a finding of tropanal alkaloid. The tropane alkaloids are believed to have got into the tea during the harvest through weeds. In view of impending health problems, Rossmann strongly advises against consuming the tea. A return against reimbursement of the purchase price can take place in the sales outlets.

Impending health problems due to tropane alkaloids
The drugstore chain warns that tropane alkaloids can cause symptoms such as drowsiness, headache and nausea, including changes in heart rate. These are naturally contained in certain plants such as datura and belladonna. During the harvest, contamination with these weeds was believed to have occurred.

The "King’s Crown Herbal Tea Peppermint" lot L-No. 4516-02578 with the best before date 07 December 2018, batch L no. 5016-02578 with the best before date January 16, 2019 and batch L no. 0317-03675 (best before date January 27, 2019). The batch number is noted on the back of the packaging. For more information, consumers can contact the company's customer service on 0800/76 77 62 66 or by email ([email protected]). (fp)

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