Mental suffering: Conscious breathing helps

Mental suffering: Conscious breathing helps

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For body and mind: How to learn to breathe consciously
By breathing in and out, we supply our body with oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. Most people are not aware of this natural process. Only when there are health problems do those concerned deal with breathing. There are good reasons to breathe consciously. You can also learn this easily.

Reduce stress by breathing properly
Breathing is not only vital for the supply of oxygen, it also says a lot about our internal state of tension. When we are under stress or in a hurry, it often gets flat and hectic. You can counteract this. According to experts, correct breathing can reduce stress. In Far Eastern techniques such as yoga, qigong or meditation, correct breathing is an important part. Trainers can help you learn to breathe consciously.

Consciously perceive your own breath
Many people only deal with their breathing when the air is gone. Breathing therapy can help some of those affected.

Jürg Roffler, who works as a respiratory therapist in Berlin and Berkeley, California, said in a message from the dpa news agency: "The aim is to consciously perceive your own breath again and to make room for it."

According to the expert, there are different approaches within respiratory therapy. Respiratory physiotherapy, for example, is a therapeutic option for bronchial asthma and other lung diseases or cystic fibrosis.

Counteract mental imbalance
However, there are also more pedagogically and therapeutically based concepts such as the so-called "Experience Breath" according to Ilse Middendorf.

"This concept is not only aimed at the sick, but at everyone," explained Roffler. The therapist sees this method as an opportunity to find himself again, to be more aware of himself and, for example, to counteract a mental imbalance.

According to the expert, breath is not only closely connected to the body, but also to the mind.

Simultaneous perception from inside and outside
An example of an exercise is also given in the agency report: You roll the spine slowly from a standing position and draw attention to the breathing movement.

Then roll up again. As Roffler emphasized, the eyes remain open. "The simultaneous perception from inside and outside is part of it," says the expert, according to dpa.

Anyone interested in breathing therapy offers will find it in physiotherapy practices, speech therapists, but also in other trained breathing therapists.

Classic breathing exercises
There are many more breathing exercises that can help you achieve a sense of relaxation in a matter of minutes. A “classic” is the conscious counting of breaths, with breathing in and out, for example, for four seconds each.

It is important not to put yourself under pressure during such an exercise or to hold your breath excessively for a long time - instead you should breathe in as calmly and evenly as possible through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

The goal is to be aware of breathing, and it often helps to put your hand on your stomach and take a deep breath - as if you wanted to "inhale" a pleasant scent.

Exhaling should also be done as intensely as possible, often it helps to imagine how to blow out a candle. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the right balance - to increase from time to time, but not to exert too much effort. (ad)

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