Free guide for patients with artificial heart and cardiac support systems

Free guide for patients with artificial heart and cardiac support systems

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In cooperation with the German Society for Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery (DGTHG), the German Heart Foundation has written a free brochure on the subject of "Living with an artificial heart - a guide for sufferers, relatives and interested parties".

In order to keep the patient alive until a suitable donor organ is available, but also due to the lack of donor hearts (only 291 heart transplants were performed nationwide in 2016), the cardiac surgeons use cardiac support systems in the therapy processes, which either the left or the right ventricle support and are used in more than 90% of patients. Complete artificial hearts are only implanted in around 30 patients per year.

How the mechanical cardiovascular support works, information about the procedure and duration of the operation, information about medication and questions about everyday life (resumption of work, sport, sex life, restrictions), the brochure answers comprehensively, comprehensively and with numerous illustrations.

Free PDF at; Order a printed brochure by telephone on 069/955128400 or by e-mail at [email protected]

The German Society for Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery e.V. (DGTHG), based in Berlin, is a non-profit medical society whose goals include: promoting science and developing therapies in the field of thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery. Other main tasks include the implementation of further and advanced training programs, the creation of medical guidelines, the promotion of young professionals and the organization of medical conferences. As representatives of the more than 1,000 thoracic, cardiac and cardiovascular surgeons working in Germany and organized in the DGTHG, those responsible for the specialist society are available for a dialogue with the public, politics and business.

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