Green Chervil: Healthy anise aroma for the summer kitchen

Green Chervil: Healthy anise aroma for the summer kitchen

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Chervil should not be missing in the spring kitchen. The delicate leaves also give fish, poultry and salads an interesting note. For a delicious chervil soup, potatoes and onions are cut into small pieces, cooked, mashed and briefly boiled with milk and finely chopped chervil. The French in particular appreciate the subtle anise aroma, which is also represented in the herb mix »Fine Herbes«.

Interestingly, chervil emphasizes the aroma of other herbs such as borage, dill and parsley. Those who cook with the spring herb provide the body with valuable ingredients such as essential oils, vitamins A and C, iron, magnesium and calcium. In the Middle Ages, the plant stood in many monastery gardens because it cleanses the blood, promotes appetite and stimulates circulation and kidney activity.

Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) belongs to the umbelliferous plant family and is closely related to dill and parsley. At first glance, it can easily be mistaken for young, flat parsley. However, chervil is much more delicate and grows only one year. His homeland is probably in southern Europe or the Caucasus region. Today the chervil is widespread worldwide and can be found in its wild form »common meadow chervil« in the summer on meadows and on the wayside.

Fresh chervil leaves smell fine and sweet and have a strong, spicy taste. The aroma is particularly intense just before flowering. It is best to use the leaves and delicate stems as freshly as possible. The chopped green is not cooked, but added shortly before serving or simply sprinkled over the finished dish. In this way, the aroma is well preserved.

Chervil is available in a pot or in a bunch. With dried and rubbed goods you have to cut back on the aroma. Chervil can also be easily grown on the windowsill or in your own herb garden. With regular cutting, new leaves grow again and again and the harvest can be extended into summer. Heike Kreutz,

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