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Fit blood vessels: which are the best vein exercises?

Fit blood vessels: which are the best vein exercises?

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Vein gymnastics: simple exercises for everyday life
Diseases of the venous system are very common in the population. Such ailments are often accompanied by venous pain. The symptoms can be alleviated or prevented, among other things, by special vein gymnastics. Some exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Venous disorders are common
Diseases of the venous system are so common in the population that broom tearers, varicose veins and other venous disorders can be described as a widespread disease. These are not only an aesthetic, but above all a health problem. The causes and the appropriate treatment should definitely be clarified with a doctor. To prevent and treat such complaints, it is usually advisable to carry out special gymnastic exercises on a regular basis. These can also be easily integrated into everyday life.

Start the day with the air wheel
Whether after getting up at home, on the way to work or in the office: small vein exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life. They can help prevent heavy legs, as the pharmacy magazine "Diabetes Ratgeber" (4/2017) writes.

According to the magazine, in the current issue of which various exercises are described, you can start the day with the “air bike”, for example. You lie comfortably on your back, raise your legs and cycle with great movements - first forwards and then backwards.

Another exercise at home: run through the apartment in large stork steps and bend deeply into your knees, whereby the front knee is not pushed forward over the big toe.

Dear running and lying - instead of sitting and standing
The so-called "vein walk" is suitable for the way to the bus or for shopping. You march quickly and with great strides, with the only slightly bent arms actively swinging.

While sitting in the subway or in the office, you can roll from your heels to the tips and back with both heels at the same time.

In addition to such exercises, Kneipp treatments, swimming, hiking, jogging and walking are also ideal for preventing venous diseases. In general, the 3L - 3S rule applies to vein sufferers: prefer to run and lie - instead of sitting and standing. (ad)

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