Risks in deodorants: Young girl dies from deodorant spray

Risks in deodorants: Young girl dies from deodorant spray

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Excessive use of deodorant leads to death in the student
Most people use deodorant as a matter of course so that they don't smell of sweat. For a 12-year-old student from England, however, the excessive use of deodorant ended in a tragedy: the girl died after inhaling toxic gases from the spray.

British schoolgirl is afraid of bad body odor
Whether floral, fruity or spicy: deodorants ensure a pleasant fragrance and protect against the smell of sweat. Almost everyone uses the sprays, rollers or creams every day to get a fresh start and not to smell unpleasant. For the 12-year-old Paige Daughtry, however, this wish has been doomed: she used her deodorant so exaggeratedly that the toxins contained in it led to fatal poisoning.

Misfortune happens during family vacation
The incident occurred in July 2016, according to a report by the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, during a holiday in an amusement park in Fleetwood (England). The mother found her daughter lifeless in a caravan that the family had booked for vacation. The British woman had previously gone into the caravan alone to listen to music there in peace. In the meantime, she apparently sprayed herself excessively with deodorant - a habit that the report said she followed daily and that the family knew about.

"She wanted to spend hours in the bedroom spraying and spraying because she didn't want to stink. She had got used to spraying in small rooms and then I scolded her, ”said 36-year-old Ann Daughtry to the“ Telegraph ”.

Volatile substances cause arrhythmia
But this time the spraying came to a dramatic end. According to the post-mortem report, certain toxic gases in the spray had caused the girl to have an irregular heartbeat. The resuscitation measures that were initiated immediately could no longer help. According to the forensic pathologist Dr. Jonathan Metcalfe's death was caused by the "inhalation of volatile substances".

"Analysis of the brain samples showed two substances in aerosols that are known to be volatile and are present in the deodorant used," explained Dr. Metcalfe. The parents were not aware that the constant use of deodorant could become a danger. "There was never a point at which we started to think there was a problem - not in the way that we thought she was sniffing or something. There were no signs that I noticed, ”the mother continued.

Cheap deodorant spray is a dangerous entry-level drug
Experts have been warning about the dangers of deodorant spray for a long time, because inhaling a lot of deodorant gas can lead to life-threatening cardiovascular disorders, respiratory paralysis and suffocation. Unfortunately, the deodorant is often misused by teenagers to sniff in order to get intoxicated.

The spray is a very dangerous entry-level drug, especially for the younger ones, because it is cheap and available everywhere. Just a few months ago, a 15-year-old used deodorant spray as a drug and ended up in the hospital, two 14 and 16-year-old girls sniffed deodorant spray until they passed out. (No)

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