Self-healing effect also works with type II diabetes

Self-healing effect also works with type II diabetes

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Study: Diabetes can be reversed through a healthy lifestyle
More and more Germans suffer from diabetes. In the meantime, almost seven million people with so-called diabetes live in this country. A new study now suggests that a healthier lifestyle can reverse diabetes.

More and more people with diabetes
The number of diabetes patients continues to rise. One of the reasons for this is the increasing frequency of overweight and obesity. But the increasing age of society also plays a role. Canadian scientists are now reporting that type 2 diabetes, also known as “age sugar”, can - at least temporarily - be reversed. Through a healthier lifestyle.

Undo diabetes
Diabetics are usually advised to eat a healthy diet, lose weight if necessary and exercise regularly to lower their blood sugar. Most diabetics, however, have to inject insulin regularly because their bodies no longer produce this hormone.

However, in recent years there have been repeated scientific studies that have suggested that it may be possible to reverse diabetes.

For example, US doctors reported years ago about a diabetic who uses a new treatment method to independently produce insulin again.

And British scientists found in a study that diabetics can normalize insulin levels by losing weight.

Healthier lifestyle against diabetes
A recent study from Canada shows that a lifestyle change comes with great benefits for diabetics.

The team of researchers from the Department of Medicine at McMaster University in Ontario said in a statement that it could be possible to reverse type 2 diabetes in some patients.

"After an intensive two to four month treatment with a combination of oral medication, insulin and lifestyle therapies, we found that up to 40 percent of the participants no longer needed diabetes medication for months after they stopped taking it," explained first author Dr . Natalia McInnes.

"The results suggest that type 2 diabetes could be reversed, at least in the short term, with medical approaches."

The results of the pilot study were published in the "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism".

Personalized exercise and nutrition plan
In order to arrive at their results, the scientists divided the 83 subjects into three study groups.

In an eight-week course with frequent coaching, the participants in the first group received a personalized exercise and nutrition plan, oral medication and insulin. The second group received the same program for 16 weeks and the third group received standard treatment for diabetes.

After that, participants stopped taking diabetes medication and were encouraged to continue with lifestyle changes.

Disease symptoms partially disappeared completely
Three months later, eleven out of 27 subjects in the 16-week program showed complete or partial diabetes remission. In the 8-week group, this was the case in six out of 28 people and in the control group in four out of 28 participants.

The thought of being able to reverse diabetes "motivates people to make significant lifestyle changes," says McInnes.

Dr. McMaster University's Hertzel Gerstein said: “We decided to use metformin, acarbose, and insulin glargine in this study because all of these drugs have shown that they can slow or prevent the development of type 2 diabetes . "

"However, other drug combinations could lead to higher remission rates and must therefore be systematically examined with regard to this result." (Ad)

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