Toxin: Warning of fish fillets due to the presence of algae toxins

Toxin: Warning of fish fillets due to the presence of algae toxins

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Red snapper fish fillet from Vietnam a health risk?
Fish is generally considered healthy, especially because of the omega-3 fatty acid that is often found in fish. However, eating fish also poses risks. Fish poisoning is the classic example of possible health problems. The Bavarian Ministry of Consumer Protection currently reports of eleven fish poisoning, which are attributed to the consumption of Red Snapper fish fillet from Vietnam. For reasons of preventive consumer protection, the Ministry strongly advises against eating the fish fillet.

According to the Ministry, the "Red Snapper Fish Fillet from Vietnam, frozen, West Pacific fishing area FAO 71, lot number: VN / 385 / III / 122 and Lot: VN / 385 / III / 124" should not be consumed. The Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) also expressly warns of the risk of fish poisoning from the Red Snapper fish fillet. "The fish fillet mentioned is suspected of being contaminated with algae toxins, which can lead to poisoning," the official announcement.

Already eleven cases of fish poisoning from Red Snapper fish fillet
According to the current state of knowledge, according to the Bavarian Ministry of Consumer Protection, eleven cases of illness have occurred in various parts of Bavaria due to the consumption of red snapper fish fillet from Vietnam. "The disease symptoms suggest ciguatera poisoning from algal toxins," the ministry continues. According to the authorities, the various symptoms of ciguatera poisoning include "diarrhea, nausea, violent vomiting combined with neurological symptoms such as headache, dizziness, sensation disorders." Some symptoms can appear after 30 minutes, but others may only become apparent 24 to 48 hours.

Hot-cold reversal is a typical symptom
According to the Bavarian State Health Office, a so-called hot-cold reversal is typical of ciguatera poisoning. “In the case of a hot-cold reversal, the affected person feels that touching warm objects is cold and touching cold objects is warm,” the experts explain. The ciguatoxins are among the most potent neurotoxins and 0.1 micrograms of toxin per kilogram of fish would be enough to cause a disease in humans. It is also problematic that the toxins cannot be recognized by their taste, smell or nature. In addition, the ciguatoxins are cold and heat stable, so they are not destroyed by freezing or cooking, reports the State Health Office. There is also no established laboratory chemical evidence for ciguatoxins.

Distribution channels are still being checked
According to the authorities, the "Red Snapper - Fish fillet from Vietnam is frozen, fishing area West Pacific FAO 71, lot number Lot: VN / 385 / III / 122, best before date at -18 degrees Celsius: end of 2018, fillet size 170 to 230 g / piece" and the "Red Snapper - deep-frozen fish fillet from Vietnam, catchment area West Pacific FAO 71, lot number Lot: VN / 385 / III / 124, best before date at -18 degrees Celsius: 16.07.2018, fillet size 170 to 230 g / piece". For the customers of the lot number Lot: VN / 385 / III / 124 supplied in Bavaria, according to the delivery lists, mainly catering establishments are affected. The withdrawal is already underway and will be officially monitored. With the lot number Lot: VN / 385 / III / 122, the exact distribution channels are currently still being determined, according to the State Health Office. For questions about the recall, a hotline has been set up at the LGL at 09131 / 6808-5101 and the current status of the ongoing investigations is available on the LGL homepage. (fp)

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