Healthy and light food trend: a plate of Buddha bowl

Healthy and light food trend: a plate of Buddha bowl

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Buddha Bowl: Everything from one bowl
Food from the plate was yesterday. Healthy treats are piled up in a bowl until they bulge over the edge like a round Buddha belly. At the same time, the bowl creations also stand for conscious eating and the enjoyment of as unprocessed food as possible.

There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to preparation. Everyone fills their bowl with their own favorite mix. It should be fresh and healthy. The combination of raw and cooked, cold and warm dishes is interesting. Since the contents are eaten with wooden sticks, the food is cut into bite-size pieces. The individual ingredients are not folded in like in a classic salad, but lovingly arranged. So the colorful mix is ​​also a feast for the eyes.

First you lay out the bowl with fresh greens such as rocket, lamb's lettuce, baby spinach or steamed kale. Brown rice, glass noodles, couscous or bulgur are placed in this "nest". Now fresh seasonal vegetables are placed in turn. For example, grated carrots, corn, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, fried sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, red cabbage or marinated zucchini from the oven are suitable. Leftovers from the previous day, such as pasta or a boiled egg, can also be used here. Other possible ingredients are tofu, patties, chicken, fish and fried shrimps.

Fresh sprouts, pine nuts, nuts, avocado or a few olives are ideal as a topping. Finally, add a homemade pesto or dressing, a yoghurt cream or a peanut sauce over the mixture. Depending on the recipe, Italian herbs, freshly pressed garlic or a fiery-hot chili paste ensure the right flavor.

If you want to take the bowl to the office, choose a mason jar with a wire hanger or screw cap for transport. Dressing or dips are filled separately so that the mixture does not become mushy until lunch break. The "Buddha Bowl" is therefore a healthy alternative to a snack at the desk or a canteen meal. Everyone has to find out for themselves whether it makes you feel full and happy like a Buddha. Heike Kreutz, respectively

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