Studies: Alleviate migraines with lymphatic drainage and traditional massage

Studies: Alleviate migraines with lymphatic drainage and traditional massage

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In a study, scientists were able to show that lymphatic drainage and traditional massage can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. The scientists wanted to know to what extent lymphatic drainage or traditional massage can prevent the typical migraine symptoms.

For your study, you examined 64 migraine patients aged 35 to 55 years with and without aura who suffered from at least two attacks per month. They were divided into three groups: the first group received lymphatic drainage on the face, head and neck, the second traditional massage of the skull, cervical spine and upper back muscles without trigger point massage and the third group received no manual therapy.

All participants kept a pain diary. Lymphatic drainage and traditional massage were done once a week for 30 minutes. At the beginning of the study and after four weeks each, all participants were examined medically and filled out two questionnaires to record their physical and psychological condition. The intake of medication for acute migraine conditions was also documented.

The frequency of migraine attacks and the number of migraine days decreased significantly in both treatment groups compared to the control group. In addition, participants in these two groups required fewer anti-migraine drugs compared to the baseline and compared to the control group, which was only significant in the lymphatic drainage group. The subjects in the lymphatic drainage group also suffered less from hypersensitivity to light than the participants in the other two groups. Source: Carstens Foundation

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