Relieving stress: City dwellers need a lot of relaxation

Relieving stress: City dwellers need a lot of relaxation

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City dwellers are less able to cope with stress - more relaxation is needed
According to experts, people who live in big cities have more problems coping with stress than rural residents. Therefore, they suffer from mental illnesses more often. To prevent this, city dwellers should deliberately look for ways to relax.

City dwellers often have depression
Big cities make people sick. For example, depression or anxiety disorders are much more common in cities than in the country, reports the German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology (DGPPN). And people who were born in a big city are even more at risk, according to the experts, their risk of schizophrenia is more than twice as high.

Rural people react more relaxed to stress
"Studies have shown that the brains of big cities are more sensitive to negative stress than those of rural people," said DGPPN President Dr. Iris Hauth.

Numerous studies have shown that city life increases susceptibility to stress, for example by scientists from the Mannheim Central Institute for Mental Health, who found, among other things, a significantly increased brain activity of the almond kernel in people who live in a big city.

With them, stress reactions are often more violent - sometimes even with minor occurrences. Therefore, health experts recommend that city dwellers take care to relax enough.

Options for coping with stress
Stress reduction options include relaxation techniques such as yoga and progressive muscle relaxation. or trips to nature.

You can also relax with a simple mindfulness training in everyday life.

But relaxation has to be learned. Some people cannot let go easily and should therefore not expect great results to be achieved on their first exercise. Recovery phases should be actively built into everyday life.

Activities with friends are also recommended - such as a meal together - because a tight social network and a healthy circle of friends often protects against depression and other mental illnesses. (ad)

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