New food warning: recall for children's surprise eggs started

New food warning: recall for children's surprise eggs started

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Allergy sufferers beware: surprise eggs for children are called back
The confectionery manufacturer Ferrero has launched a recall for certain "Kinder Joy products". The packaging does not contain any reference to the hazelnuts it contains. For some allergy sufferers, nuts can be a great danger.

Food warning for allergy sufferers
The Italian confectionery manufacturer Ferrero has announced a "consumption warning for hazelnut allergy sufferers". The company writes on its website: "Traces of hazelnuts may be present in kinder Joy products of the 2016 Christmas figures" Wichtel "and" Pistenheizer "(heating pillows)." Best before dates of the figures: March 12, 2017 and May 3, 2017. "For hazelnut allergy sufferers, these Christmas products are not suitable for consumption."

There is no indication of traces of hazelnut
According to the information, there is a trace of hazelnut on the direct outer packaging of the individual kinder Joy, but this reference is missing on the label of the figurative outer packaging.

According to the manufacturer, non-allergy sufferers can consume the product without hesitation. The figures are no longer available in stores for consumers.

“Hazelnut allergy sufferers who still have a product at home can send it back to Ferrero Consumer Service either freight collect or for a refund of postage. Returned goods will be refunded, ”the company writes.

Easter goods are not affected
According to Ferrero, the kinder Joy Easter goods (plush figures dwarfs and birds) that are being sold these days are not affected. Due to a change in production, these products did not contain any traces of hazelnuts and could therefore be safely consumed by people with hazelnut allergies.

Avoid taking allergens
People who suffer from a food allergy always need the correct labeling of the ingredients in food to avoid health risks from the accidental intake of allergens.

Nut allergies in particular are a major burden. In addition to symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, in the worst case there is even anaphylactic shock with acute circulatory failure. (ad)

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