Dangerous tuberculosis detected in kindergarten children in Hessen

Dangerous tuberculosis detected in kindergarten children in Hessen

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Hessen: Small child in the Bergstrasse district fell ill with tuberculosis
In Hessen, tuberculosis was diagnosed in a small child. A sibling is also suspected of having an infectious disease. Nationwide, tuberculosis cases have recently risen again.

Rising tuberculosis numbers in Germany
Although the number of tuberculosis cases worldwide has been declining for years, around 1.5 million people still die annually from the dangerous infectious disease. In Germany, after years of declining numbers, the number of cases of tuberculosis has recently increased, as an evaluation by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin showed. In Hessen, tuberculosis has now been diagnosed in a small child.

The risk of infection is classified as low
Tuberculosis was diagnosed in a kindergarten child in the Hessian district of Bergstrasse. The circle announced that a child's sibling is also suspected of having tuberculosis.

According to the information, the risk of infection can be classified as low. However, they still got in touch with the kindergarten and are planning an environmental investigation.

An examination for classmates and teaching staff is also carried out in the other child's school. The sick children are said to be treated in a hospital in Mannheim.

Transmission by droplet infection
Tuberculosis (TBC) is a bacterial infectious disease that particularly affects the lungs. It used to be referred to as “consumption”. Triggers are so-called "mycobacteria", which mainly affect the lungs and are transmitted especially when coughing, sneezing and speaking.

At the beginning of the disease, non-specific symptoms such as cough, night sweats and a slightly elevated temperature appear. The symptoms increase later and can include high fever, persistent cough with expectoration and shortness of breath. The disease can now be treated with antibiotics.

According to experts, the disease can be overlooked during examinations, since it can take years from infection to the outbreak of TBC. As the RKI writes on its website, tuberculosis can still develop "decades after infection", especially if the immune system is weakened. (ad)

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