Surgeons warn of black ice: the penguin walk protects you from falls

Careful waddling can prevent accidents
Siberian cold, snow and black ice: next weekend the winter should reach its peak. If you still have to get out, you should move very carefully. In order not to fall on black ice, the German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU) recommends the "penguin walk". Because who waddles like the animals living at the South Pole ensures more stability when running.

Experts expect icy winter weather
According to the weather experts, the coming weekend will be extremely cold and icy. This can quickly lead to falls and nasty injuries. To prevent this, on the advice of the German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU) it is best to push yourself “extremely slowly and with small steps” over the floor outside.

The penguin leads the way
The model is the penguin, because it is typical of its gait that the body's center of gravity is shifted over the front or emerging leg, the experts at the DGOU explain in a current release. The foot is put on with the whole sole and points slightly outwards.

As a result, the loaded leg is at right angles to the floor and the body is tilted slightly forward, which provides more stability. If you stand more securely, the balance can be better maintained on smooth paths and the risk of falling is reduced.

Falls on the head and hips are particularly dangerous
Snow and slippery regularly do a lot of work for orthopedists and trauma surgeons, among other things, they have to take care of broken bones, ligament stretching and wounds of fallen people. According to the report, falls on the head or on the hip are particularly dangerous, because in an emergency there is a risk of severe traumatic brain injury or a broken femoral neck.

Older people shouldn't take any chances
Data from the TraumaRegister DGU® would show that the number of people seriously injured by falls is increasing rapidly among those over 70 years of age. “In winter, gait insecurity increases, especially among older people. Added to this are delayed reflexes, ”explains the head of the DGOU Prevention Section, Dr. Christopher Spering. “In the event of a fall, elderly people cannot adequately intercept themselves and fall unchecked onto the hard floor. Because of the often frail general condition, the injuries are particularly severe, ”continued the expert.

The DGOU recommends that elderly, gang-insecure people should not take any unnecessary risks and stay at home if the surface is extremely slick.

Shoe spikes provide additional grip
The experts give further tips on how to provide more safety on smooth roads:

  • Only wear profile shoes in winter. If you have to wear elegant shoes at work, you should best put them on in the office.
  • Use shoe spikes or an anti-slip sole that can be quickly and easily attached to the shoes.
  • Find a hold by hooking yourself up to another person and holding onto the walls of the house, railings etc.
  • Avoid riding a bike, because the wheels quickly slip to the side when braking on a smooth surface. (No)

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