Prolong life: be healthier with a new Mediterranean diet

Prolong life: be healthier with a new Mediterranean diet

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Fewer age-related illnesses and depressions with a Mediterranean diet
Researchers in Italy have found that people who eat a Mediterranean diet are significantly less likely to experience physical disabilities, pain and depression. It was not the first scientific study to prove the benefits of healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Mediterranean food promotes health
Various studies have already shown that supporters of the Mediterranean diet do something good for their health when eating. British scientists reported in the journal "BMC Medicine" that a Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. And Canadian scientists have shown that this food also protects the memory. Even some fats are healthy in the Mediterranean diet. And researchers from two universities in Italy have now found that people who eat Mediterranean food are significantly less at risk of physical disabilities, pain and depression.

Dietary habits and physical well-being
In contrast to previous studies, the scientists of the Istituto di Neuroscienze, in cooperation with the Università di Padova, have for the first time examined a group of people whose eating behavior differs significantly from that of the Mediterranean population, reports the news agency "Pressetext".

These people have to deal with significantly more cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases. The results of the study were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

According to the information, the living conditions of 4,470 Americans with an average age of 61 years were examined. In their study, the researchers compared dietary habits and physical well-being.

Positive impact on everyday quality of life
"Fans of Mediterranean food are on average a third less affected by movement restrictions and depression," explained project manager Stefania Maggi, according to the "press release".

A positive impact on the quality of life was found, especially in people who consume a lot of fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts, fish, chicken and olive oil.

Food such as eggs or red meats only play a minor role in these eating habits. As a result, the risk of heart attack and other nutritional diseases like diabetes is reduced by 30 percent.

"Further studies are needed to confirm these statements," said Maggi. However, the positive impact on everyday quality of life and social conditions is undisputed. (ad)

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