Less stress or quit smoking: This is how it works with the resolutions for 2017

Less stress or quit smoking: This is how it works with the resolutions for 2017

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Good resolutions for the new year: how to quit smoking and co
Don't be stressed out anymore, quit smoking, lose weight: At the turn of the year, resolutions for the future are often made quickly. However, implementation often fails. Experts recommend not planning too much for the new year and formulating realistic goals. Then it can work with the good resolutions.

Set realistic goals
Finally quit smoking, consume less alcohol and sweets, exercise regularly and reduce weight: most Germans have good resolutions at the turn of the year. The motto "less is more" can help here. Experts recommend keeping the desired goals realistic and not undertaking too much of them.

Avoid stress and more time for the family
Most Germans want to avoid stress in the coming year, have more time for the family and do more sports. In addition, according to a new survey, many Germans simply want to switch off in the coming year.

As the dpa news agency reports, young people in particular want to press the off button on their smartphones, laptops or computers more often. This was the result of a representative study by the Forsa Institute on behalf of DAK-Gesundheit. Stress reduction is one of the best resolutions for 62 percent of all respondents.

Switch off smartphones and the like more often
According to the information, 38 percent in the age group of 14 to 29 year olds have decided to be more offline in 2017. Two years ago, only 29 percent of the younger generation indicated this.

This trend is rated positively by the prevention expert at DAK-Gesundheit, Hella Thomas: "Those who switch off their smartphones and computers more often remain relaxed and encourage their ability to concentrate."

Other health experts also see it this way. A "digital diet" for mobile phone users makes sense, for example, to prevent "digital burnout". However, giving up a smartphone is even worse for some people than, for example, stopping alcohol.

Implementing resolutions
As in the previous year, avoiding stress, spending more time with family or friends and doing more exercise or exercising were high on the list of priorities. For many, these do not seem to be unrealistic goals.

As a rule, experts recommend formulating specific goals for the resolutions. It is also important to feel anticipation instead of deprivation when thinking about the upcoming change. In addition, the plans for the changes in life should not be too serious. Then resolutions can be better implemented.

How to stop smoking
If you want to quit smoking, it's best to find a stress-free time for it. Because if you have problems with your partner or at work, it is more difficult to forego cigarettes.

So that the smoking cessation works better, you should know the three-minute rule. "The greed for the cigarette only takes about three minutes on average," Gabriele Bartsch of the German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS) told dpa. It is therefore important to bridge this time.

Unrealistic weight loss goals
However, if you are planning to reduce your weight in 2017, you should probably be better off with big cocks. Because, according to a study by scientists from the University of Nottingham (Great Britain), unrealistic weight loss goals lead to greater success.

As the researchers reported in The Journal of Human Nutrition, study participants who set themselves an ambitious dream weight lost more weight than those who set achievable goals. (ad)

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