Cancer research: Cancer tumors were destroyed within a few days

Cancer research: Cancer tumors were destroyed within a few days

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Study: In mice, tumors were destroyed within ten days
Researchers have now succeeded in developing powerful nanodiscs that can deliver a customized therapeutic vaccine. As a result, cancerous tumors in mice could be destroyed within ten days. This type of treatment also prevented later growth.

The scientists at the American University of Michigan found in an investigation that the use of so-called nanodiscs can be used to effectively treat specific vaccines for cancer. When tested on mice, this type of treatment killed cancerous tumors over a period of ten days and also prevented later growth. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Nature Materials".

Treatment was already successful in mice
In the current investigation, the first successes in mice were already achieved. With the help of Nanodisc technology, a vaccine for the treatment of colon and melanoma cancer tumors could be delivered effectively, the researchers explain.

Nanodiscs help the immune system fight cancer
Basically, we are using these nanodiscs to educate the immune system to attack cancer cells in a personalized way with the help of immune cells, the experts explain in a press release. Personalized immunotherapy is a rapidly growing area of ​​research in the fight against cancer.

Treatment uses tumor neoantigens
The therapeutic cancer vaccine uses nanodiscs that are loaded with so-called tumor neoantigens, the doctors say. The experts explain that these unique mutations can be found in tumor cells. By generating T cells that can recognize these specific neoantigens, the technology targets cancer mutations and helps to eliminate cancer cells and prevent tumor growth, the scientists add.

Treatment kills tumors in mice within ten days
Nanodisc technology has already been tested on mice with established melanomas and colorectal cancer tumors. After vaccination, 27 percent of the T cells in the mice's blood fought the tumors. In combination with so-called immune checkpoint inhibitors, an existing technology, the nanodisc technology killed the tumors in the majority of the mice within ten days, the doctors explain.

Re-growth of tumors is prevented
After a period of 70 days, the researchers re-injected the same tumor cells into the mice. But this time the tumors were fought by the immune system and did not grow. This indicates long-term immunity, because the immune system remembers the cancer cells, so to speak, the scientists explain.

Results are very promising
The special thing about cancer immunotherapy is that tumors can be eliminated without systemic toxicity and their future growth prevented. The current study has already produced very promising results in mice, the authors say.

Treatment increases T cell response and improves effectiveness
The new technology consists of extremely small, synthetic lipoproteins with a density of around 10 nanometers. For comparison, a human hair has a width of 80,000 to 100,000 nanometers, the experts explain. The study shows that the powerful vaccine technology efficiently delivers the vaccine components to the right cells. This leads to an increased response of the T cells and an improved effectiveness, the scientists add. As a next step, the nanodisc technology should be tested on larger animals, the researchers continue. (as)

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