Experiment: Is there life after death: German scientist wants to freeze

Experiment: Is there life after death: German scientist wants to freeze

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"Interrupting dying": Researchers want to be frozen after death
Is there a life after death? The answer is clear for religious people. Scientists, however, usually answer the question in the negative. But not all of them. A German researcher has now announced that he wants to be frozen after death so that he can be thawed again later - when deadly diseases are curable.

Freeze the body with antifreeze and nitrogen
A few weeks ago, a 14-year-old cancer patient from Great Britain had been reported to have tried in court to be frozen after death. Shortly before her death, the teenager wrote: "I am only 14 years old and I do not want to die, but I will die. I think being frozen gives me the chance to be healed and awakened - even if it is in hundreds of years. ”For the youngsters, the question of whether there was life afterwards was also linked to future medical progress. The situation is similar for a German researcher. He wants to be freezed with antifreeze and nitrogen after death.

Plan looks like something out of a grotesque science fiction film
Ulm's age researcher Klaus Sames is considered a pioneer of cryonics in Germany. With this method, organisms or individual organs are frozen in liquid nitrogen so that they can be “revived” later.

So far, this has only been possible in Russia and the USA, which is why the body of the young people from England is also kept in America.

Even if it is unclear whether the damage to cells and organs caused by freezing is reversible, Sames apparently assumes that the method can also be used for the whole human body.

As the dpa news agency reports, the age researcher from Ulm wants to be frozen after his death and thawed again in a few hundred years - when deadly diseases are curable.

Believe in life after death
But even if he believes in an afterlife, he prefers to try it first on a pig's heart. At the embalming institute in Ulm, where he will one day lie, he explains while holding a sharp saw to his neck: "We'll make a small cut in the throttle pit."

According to him, they were able to practice on a body two years ago. “We learned everything there was to know about the handles,” says Sames.

The chest should be opened and antifreeze should be pumped into his bloodstream using a heart-lung machine. Only then should the body be cooled to below zero degrees without the formation of destructive crystals.

The decomposition process will continue
However, Frank-Michael Weigner from the Association of German Taxidermy says: "This is a fantasy." In the dpa report, he explains that the body cells are filled with fluid. "If you cool it down, the liquid expands, then all the cells burst."

And even if it were possible to freeze people without major damage: "If you thaw, the normal decomposition process will continue."

It is good that people also die sometimes. "At some point, there must be an end," said Weigner.

"Interrupting Dying"
Sames, on the other hand, says: "Anyone can be picked up." He claims: "You can interrupt dying." However, he is also aware that a person can hardly be frozen without damage.

Nevertheless, the researcher believes that the preservation of entire human organs is possible in principle, which is why he soon wants to freeze a pig's heart to minus 130 degrees and then revive it.

As the agency report says, he is worried that his science is not being taken seriously. He only came out after his time as a medical doctor as a cryonic believer. Now he dreams of a "breakthrough to medical seriousness".

Scientific project character should be emphasized
According to the information, Sames has founded an association around what he calls his “competence team”. Karen Conrad is also involved. "It's strange," says the 46-year-old nurse for intensive care medicine: "Everyone wants to live longer. But hardly anyone wants to take the chance to live longer. "

Sames explains: "I first wanted to cope with the finiteness of being religiously." The former theology student continues: "I thought I was a believer, but then it stopped."

"I'm afraid of dying, but horror of death," says the cryonician, who does not want to be described as such. "It has such a sectarian sound." He tries to emphasize the scientific nature of the project.

Body should be kept at minus 196 degrees
According to the dpa, he reports on children who were rescued and revived from icy water after an hour. And in the United States, a thawed kidney had been successfully implanted in a rabbit.

He plans to start the project next year. If the experiment with the pig heart works, he is already dreaming: "And what is a human being apart from a collection of large organs?"

According to him, one day he wants to be “comfortably shipped to America” in a plastic bag with dry ice. He had already paid the Cryonics Institute $ 28,000 to keep it hanging upside down at minus 196 degrees.

"It is at least as serious as the Martian project," says Sames. He is already thinking about the future: "There will be someone who is programmed to introduce me to the new reality," says the researcher. Then he wanted to drink champagne. (ad)

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