Migraines and Co: If you have a frequent headache, see a doctor urgently

Migraines and Co: If you have a frequent headache, see a doctor urgently

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Targeted medical treatment: Do not simply accept frequent headaches
According to health experts, around eight million Germans suffer from recurrent headaches. Many then quickly take medication, which are usually available in the pharmacy without a prescription. But they can make the problem worse. Experts advise a specialist diagnosis and subsequent targeted treatment.

Persistent pain can lead to changes in the body
Around eight million people repeatedly suffer from headaches or migraines. Health experts warn against simply dismissing the recurring symptoms as annoying. Rather, those affected should contact a doctor, "because permanent pain can lead to changes in the body and make the nervous system increasingly sensitive," explains Dr. Bergmann from the Professional Association of German Neurologists (BVDN) on the website "".

Frequent medication can make the problem worse
"As a result, there can be persistent pain, the pain can become independent and can also extend to other parts of the body," said the doctor.

Medications can “bring rapid relief from migraines and tension headaches,” says the website. But reaching for a headache pill should not become a habit for those affected. Because if used incorrectly and frequently, painkillers can cause permanent headaches.

Alleviate symptoms with natural means
For minor complaints, simple tricks for headaches are often more effective than medication. For example, a few drops of lemon balm spirit are applied to a piece of sugar and taken as a household remedy for headaches known to many people. (ad)

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