Eat less and exercise more: how to implement resolutions

Make and implement resolutions: This way you can eat less and exercise more
The turn of the year is just around the corner. Like every year, many people set specific goals for the new year. However, it is not easy to follow all the good intentions. Experts give tips on what can help.

Does it make sense to make resolutions for the new year?
Quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, losing a few pounds, eating healthier, avoiding stress, doing more sport: all of these are typical resolutions that people make when the New Year approaches. And it won't be long until 2017. But how useful is it to make such plans? Isn't it disappointing if the goals are not met? Experts have some tips on how good resolutions can work.

Think about your own lifestyle
"Good resolutions always make sense every day of the year," said diploma and sports psychologist Kareen Klippel, in a message from the dpa news agency. Because, according to the founder of the "" network, good resolutions are also an opportunity to think about your own lifestyle. There are a few things to keep in mind when formulating the resolutions.

According to Klippel, you should be aware of why you want to change something: "Recognizing the need" behind "the resolution can be very motivating to implement", says the expert, who advises top athletes, coaches, teams and amateur athletes in Cologne. It is also important that the resolutions feel good and that you experience anticipation instead of deprivation when thinking about the upcoming change.

Better set realistic goals
In addition, the plans for the changes in life should not be too serious, say other experts. Because persevering is difficult, especially if the goals are set too high. "It is better to set fewer realistic goals and achieve them than pursue too many utopian projects," advises DAK doctor Elisabeth Thomas. This increases the motivation and chances of staying in the long run would be significantly increased.

Formulate goals with the SMART criteria
Klippel recommends formulating specific goals. This works best with the SMART criteria. As the psychologist explained in the agency report, S stands for specific - the goal should be formulated as precisely and clearly as possible.

M means measurable - it should be possible to check whether the goal is achieved. Furthermore, the goal should be attractive (A) and prepare for anticipation. R stands for the goal should be realistic and T for appointment. With this you should determine until when you want to have reached the goal.

What to do? - Do it!
But despite all the good intentions, implementation is often a problem. Then what is to be done? "It sounds almost banal and is the most effective:" Do it! "Said Klippel. The first step is usually the most difficult. But if you stick to your resolution on January 1st, you are more likely to do so on January 2nd. According to the sports psychologist, it also helps to find a training partner or to join a sports group. (ad)

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