Doctor warns: Just don't tear out your nose hair!

Doctor warns: Just don't tear out your nose hair!

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Deadly dangers: Never pull out annoying nose hair
Most people don't want the nasal hair to stick out of the nose. They are not aesthetic and tickle. Doctors are now warning of the health risks associated with pulling out the nasal hair. In the worst case, pulling out can lead to death.

Never pull out nose hair
There are hardly any people who find nasal hair attractive. Those with whom many of them grow - mostly men - usually try to get rid of them quickly. Some use special nasal hair trimmers, small electrical devices that are also used to remove hair from the ears. Others shorten them with normal nail scissors. And some people pluck and pull out their hair regularly. But according to doctors, this can be dangerous.

Helpful filters for large particles
Whoever tears out nose hair again and again risks health damage, warns the US otolaryngologist Dr. Erich Voigt from "New York University" in a video on the website of the magazine "Business Insider".

“The front nose hairs are helpful filters for large particles,” explains the doctor. If the hair is removed, even small particles can get into the lungs more easily through the air we breathe.

Germs live on the hair follicles
It is also problematic that there are germs on the hair follicles that can easily penetrate the body and cause infections. "These infections are extremely dangerous and they can be fatal," said Dr. Voigt. "The veins that conduct blood away from the nose lead to the veins that come from the brain," explains the ear, nose and throat doctor.

This can "cause meningitis and brain abscesses," warns the doctor. According to Dr. Voigt with the mouth to the so-called "Danger Triangle" ("dangerous triangle") for infections.

In order to minimize such risks, you should avoid pulling out the nose hair. However, the hair can be shortened, for example with flattened nail scissors or a nasal hair trimmer mentioned at the beginning. (ad)

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