Always note the expiration date: Expired contact lenses increase the risk of inflammation

Always note the expiration date: Expired contact lenses increase the risk of inflammation

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Unnecessary risk of inflammation for the eyes from expired contact lenses
In the case of contact lenses, the best-before date should be observed. If this is exceeded, the lenses should no longer be used. Anyone who uses the visual aid then exposes their eyes to an unnecessary risk.

Eye infections and serious eye damage
Millions of people wear contact lenses. However, the small visual aids can also be dangerous for the eyes. For example, US scientists recently reported that when used improperly, contact lenses can cause eye infections and serious eye damage. To avoid such dangers, users would have to take better care of their contact lenses and be more responsible with them. It is also important to pay attention to the best before date.

Do not expose eyes to unnecessary risk
Contact lenses that have passed their sell-by date should be put in the trash, even if they are still packed. Georg Eckert from the professional association of ophthalmologists (BVA) recommends this in a message from the dpa news agency. Contact lens wearers should not put their eyes at unnecessary risk.

Mini vision aids let more air through over time
There is a good reason for the limited useful life: The pores of the contact lenses become more and more clogged over time, even when packaged. That is why the mini vision aids let less and less air through and this increases the risk of eye infections.

According to Eckert, expired contact lenses should be used, a bit like expired yogurt. "Nothing has to happen, but it can." In contrast to expired foods, wearers of contact lenses find it very difficult to determine whether the lenses are still usable. Only the best-before date gives a safe orientation.

Hygiene is the be-all and end-all for contact lens wearers
In addition to observing the best before date, contact lens wearers should observe a few other simple rules to minimize health risks. In a communication, the BVA refers to the "Five rules for the daily use of visual aids".

The experts recall the importance of washing hands, cleaning and disinfecting the lenses and following the care instructions. In addition, the case of contact lenses should also be disinfected regularly. "The contact lens cases should also be replaced every three to six months," writes the BVA. (ad)

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