Feminine hygiene: menstrual cups should be more advantageous compared to tampons

Feminine hygiene: menstrual cups should be more advantageous compared to tampons

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Changing from tampons to menstrual cups brings many benefits to women
Most women typically use tampons or sanitary napkins. So-called menstrual cups are increasingly being used. The cups are supposed to protect the wallet, stimulate sex life and protect the environment. Reason enough to examine the menstrual cups more closely.

There are several ways to catch a woman's menstrual secretion. One of them is the use of a menstrual cup. A large survey by INTIMINA, a large feminine health company, found that women's sex life improves when they use a menstrual cup.

What is a menstrual cup?
A menstrual cup is often referred to as a menstrual cup, menstrual cup or menstrual bell. The product is inserted into the vagina to catch the menstrual secretion. In contrast to tampons or sanitary napkins, menstrual cups do not absorb the menstrual secretions, but, depending on the model, store up to 48 ml of the liquid, the doctors explain. Then the cup is removed, emptied, cleaned and then reinserted.

There are both reusable menstrual cups that, according to the manufacturers, can be used for up to 10 years, as well as disposable models. The product is often made from medical grade silicone, and there are also models made from latex or the plastic TPE. Some manufacturers only offer their products in one size, others also have different sizes. Menstrual cups are available on the Internet, but some drug stores already have the product in their range, the experts explain.

Survey among 1,500 women shows clear advantages of menstrual cups
A survey of 1,500 women who used a menstrual cup instead of tampons during their period showed that menstrual cups have some advantages over sanitary napkins and tampons. While tampons absorb the menstrual fluid, menstrual cups collect the fluid. This reduces dryness and other ailments, the authors say. The cost of menstrual cups is around £ 20 in ten years. Thus, a cup is much cheaper than tampons or sanitary towels, which have to be bought every month.

Survey results at a glance:
26 percent of women surveyed said their sex lives had improved since using a menstrual cup due to the reduced dryness. 46 percent of women slept better at night, 84 percent felt more comfortable during their periods and 78 percent of women surveyed said they generally felt more comfortable in their bodies. Comfort during the period has also been significantly improved.

These improvements included: A drop in dryness in 66 percent of all women surveyed. 34 percent of women experienced less severe cramps. 62 percent reported less unpleasant smell. Many women also said that one of the main reasons for changing from tampons to a menstrual cup is the environment, the experts write. A single cup could replace up to 3,250 tampons, a woman is estimated to use up to 12,000 tampons in her entire life.

The 5 main advantages of menstrual cups summarized:

1. Menstrual cups are usually made from 100 percent medical grade silicone, while tampons contain irritating fibers and chemicals. In addition, tampons often contain fragrances, dioxins and pesticide residues.

2. Longer wearing time: menstrual cups can be worn for up to twelve hours, tampons should be changed after eight hours.

3. Menstrual cups can save women a lot of money. The product is reusable for up to ten years and only costs up to £ 25. Tampons or bandages cost around £ 500 over a period of ten years.

4. Environmental protection: An average woman uses about 12,000 tampons in her life. One menstrual cup replaces thousands of tampons.

5. Comfort: Because menstrual cups collect the menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it, dryness and other discomfort are reduced. (as)

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