Only touch sickly and weak hedgehogs with gloves

Only touch sickly and weak hedgehogs with gloves

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Never with your bare hands: only touch hedgehogs in need of gloves
Hedgehogs are particularly active in autumn. The animals are looking for food for the necessary winter bacon and a suitable shelter for hibernation. Healthy hedgehogs usually survive winter without any problems. Animal rights activists warn against taking the animals out of misunderstood care of nature.

Healthy hedgehogs usually survive the winter without any problems
Hedgehogs are especially active in autumn. The small prickly animals are looking for food for the necessary winter bacon and a suitable winter sleeping place. Healthy, strong hedgehogs normally survive the winter in the wild without problems - if they are not disturbed. Animal rights activists always warn against false help for hedgehogs to spend the winter.

Do not remove wild animals from nature
As the Animal Welfare Foundation Four Paws writes in a current communication, hedgehogs should not be taken from the misunderstood care of nature. The wild animal should therefore only be taken into human care in an absolute emergency. "From a weight of 400 grams, hedgehogs are usually adequately equipped to go into hibernation in late autumn," write the experts.

Only touch sick animals with gloves
However, if you find a sick or weak hedgehog, you should only touch and catch it with gloves.

These animals are then best gently picked up and placed in a cat transport basket, for example, and then taken directly to an expert, such as a wildlife sanctuary.

The animals should never be taken into the house, not even temporarily, because the warm temperatures would lead to a rapid increase in unwanted parasites such as fleas or lungworms.

Hedgehogs are usually nocturnal
However, it is particularly important to only take hedgehogs when they obviously need help: “Weak, injured, sick or parentless hedgehogs who need support to survive can often be recognized by the fact that they show up during the day. Hedgehogs are usually nocturnal. ”(Ad)

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