Health insurance company warns of numerous fraud calls

Health insurance company warns of numerous fraud calls

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Various fraudulent tricks: AOK warns of fraud calls
AOK policyholders should be careful. The health insurance company warns of fraudsters who pretend to be employees of the AOK on the phone and try to get to the bank details or addresses of insured persons using various tricks.

Fake calls on behalf of the AOK
According to a report by AOK Rheinland / Hamburg, there have been increased calls in the name of AOK in recent weeks. According to the information, alleged AOK employees, among other things, held the prospect of monetary amounts or repayments from a bonus program. To do this, they asked the insured person's account details.

Supplementary insurance policies are being imposed
Another trick is to impose supplementary insurance on the insured. If the called party publishes his address for information material, he has a contract in the mailbox a few days later. Anyone who does not transfer the contractual premium required therein receives payment requests.

Fraudulent strategies are constantly changing
The health insurance company points out that the tricks mentioned are examples that are known to the AOK. It should be noted that fraudsters change their strategies and claims frequently. If in doubt, you should have the name of the caller called, end the call and then call the AOK on site to inquire about this employee.

Particularly important: Do not give out bank details or other personal data on the phone. (ad)

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