Health: Winter vegetables: just one portion of kale covers the daily vitamin C requirement

Health: Winter vegetables: just one portion of kale covers the daily vitamin C requirement

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Rich in nutrients: healthy kale covers daily vitamin C requirements
Kale is particularly popular in northern Germany during the cold season. The delicious winter vegetables are full of healthy plant substances that protect against diseases. Due to the high vitamin C content, kale can help protect against colds in the wet and cold period.

Healthy local vegetables
Vitamin C intake in winter and autumn is particularly important because of the more frequent colds caused by the wet and cold weather. Local vegetables such as cabbage can make an important contribution here. Varieties like kale are just as healthy as exotic superfood. Hardly any vegetable contains so many vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a balanced composition, reports the consumer information service aid.

Kale offers the all-round carefree package
"Kale is also known under the name of cabbage, leafy cabbage, winter cabbage or Oldenburg palm," writes aid in an older message. The vegetables contain a lot of provitamin A, B vitamins, folic acid as well as vitamins C and E.

According to the experts, the vitamin C content is so high that the daily requirement can be covered with just one serving. In addition, like other cabbage vegetables, kale contains healthy secondary plant substances that have an antioxidant effect.

There is also scientific evidence that kale has an anti-inflammatory effect and lowers the risk of cancer. According to a study by the University of Oldenburg and Jacobs University in Bremen, this cabbage contains significantly more cancer-preventing substances than other varieties.

It doesn't always have to be piss
Kale is traditionally cooked with sausage, bacon or smoked pork, but the vegetables are not only hearty, but also easy and tasty to prepare. For example in the form of a bright green kale sauce or as an exotic side dish.

The winter vegetables taste great in soups, in casseroles, as wok vegetables and as a side dish with fish and poultry. You can also blanch the frizzy cabbage briefly in salt water and use it as a salad ingredient, for example with olives, nuts and dried tomatoes. (ad)

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