Salmonella found during test: Larger recall campaign for eggs from the floor

Salmonella found during test: Larger recall campaign for eggs from the floor

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Egg producer recalls eggs for suspected salmonella
The Brandlhof company is asking its customers to bring eggs from free-range or free-range holdings back to the shops with the best before date from November 10, 2016. Salmonella is suspected. These bacteria can trigger various diseases.

Salmonella in chicken eggs
The Upper Bavarian egg producer Brandlhof is asking its customers to return eggs from free-range or free range with the best before date (MHD) from November 10, 2016. According to a message from the company, "Salmonella, Serovar S. Enteritidis, was found in the egg content" as part of a routine check in a single subsample of the article "Chicken eggs from free-range husbandry" with the stated BBD.

Free-range eggs
According to the portal "" of the federal states and the Federal Office for Consumer Protection, the eggs from the company from Garching / Alz were sold in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. In both cases, customers should get the money back even without a receipt - and also for empty packaging.

The company writes: "Since the quality of our products is a top priority for us and our customers, we decided to take eggs as a precautionary measure in order to prevent consumer protection."

Eggs from free range with print number 1 DE o916533 and free range eggs with print number 2 DE o916534 are affected. "Other articles are not affected."

Salmonella can cause illness
Salmonella are bacteria that can cause various diseases in humans, especially in the gastrointestinal area. After eating, symptoms such as abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting can occur. Such symptoms can occur particularly in young children, people with a weakened immune system and the elderly.

Eggs are usually stable for at least 28 days after the date of laying. The best way to store eggs is to keep them in the egg compartment of the fridge with the pointed end down. If eggs are stored improperly or for too long, salmonella can multiply explosively.

Important to know: You should never wash raw eggs with water, as this removes the natural protective layer and risks that germs get inside.

Broken glass in tomato sauce
On “” there is also a call back from the organic product manufacturer Dennree. The company is recalling the article “dennree Tomato Sauce Sugo Pronto 340 g” with the best before date (best before date) 29.09.2020.

"The reason for the recall is a broken glass that was found in a single jar of this batch," says a message. The glasses were sold in almost all federal states.

Food that could contain broken glass or broken glass should in principle no longer be consumed. These can lead to serious injuries in the mouth and throat or to internal injuries. (ad)

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