TCM therapy: moxibustion effective after a stroke

TCM therapy: moxibustion effective after a stroke

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TCM effective after a stroke
Moxibustion therapy is an application in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is one of the “alternative treatments” and natural healing methods. Researchers have now found that this form of TCM therapy can relieve symptoms in strokes.

Strokes lead to permanent damage in around 90% of patients, which severely limits the quality of life of those affected. Chinese scientists have now been able to show that the recovery process of stroke patients can be significantly improved with the help of moxibustion treatment.

The scientists wanted to check whether moxibustion, in addition to rehabilitation measures, can improve the recovery process of stroke patients with spastic hemiplegia. They randomized the 84 patients into two groups. Group one received rehab measures, group 2 rehab plus moxibustions group. All participants received four units (five days / week) of therapy using the Bobath technique. During this time, the subjects of the Moxibustions group were additionally treated with Moxa five times a week, at specified energy points.

Before the treatment phase, after two weeks of therapy and six months after the end of treatment, the physical status of the study participants was evaluated. It was shown that the subjects in both groups had better measurements after two weeks of treatment than before the start. After six weeks, this effect could be increased again. The participants in the Moxibustions group achieved significantly better results compared to the rehab group. You can find the study here.

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