If you feel dizzy, you should consult a doctor early

If you feel dizzy, you should consult a doctor early

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Consequential injuries: Seniors should see a doctor if they feel dizzy
At an advanced age, it is particularly important to take dizziness seriously. Balance disorders can lead to falls and resulting injuries. The healing of seniors in particular is much more complicated and lengthy.

The higher risk of falling for seniors increases
As people get older, more and more people complain about balance disorders. These are often not taken seriously. This can have painful consequences: dizziness and wobble make many older patients insecure and anxious. "This increases the already higher risk of falling for seniors by a factor of twelve," reports the German Senior League. Sometimes there are complicated breaks. In the brochure "When everything turns - dizziness in old age", the experts provide information on the causes and treatment options for age fraud.

Almost one in three suffer from dizziness
Around thirty percent of the population will experience dizziness or balance problems at some point in their lives. Although shingles can also be caused by anxiety disorders, in most cases, sudden dizziness has an organic cause.

For example, cardiovascular diseases, too high or too low blood pressure or metabolic disorders can be the reason. Dizziness sometimes also occurs with stress or as a side effect of medication taken. And it can be a sign of a stroke. "Persistent, chronic dizziness should always be seen as an alarm signal and taken seriously," said the senior league in a message.

Balance center receives conflicting information
With dizziness, the brain's equilibrium center receives conflicting information. These are supplied by three sensory organs: the equilibrium organ in the inner ear, the eyes and the so-called depth perception via muscles and joints, which tells us whether we keep our legs stretched or bent under the table, for example.

You can do something yourself
"If the family doctor cannot find a cause, those affected should consult an ENT doctor or a clinic with special examination options," explained Professor Dr. med. Arneborg Ernst, director of the ENT clinic at the Berlin Accident Hospital.

But you can also do something yourself to avoid chronification and maintain the quality of life. Exercise and special balance training can improve dizziness. For stressed people who suffer from dizziness when under intense tension, it is just as important to calm down. Suitable practices here include yoga or autogenic training. (ad)

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