Fitness: These are the best home remedies for sore muscles

Fitness: These are the best home remedies for sore muscles

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In this way, sore muscles can be alleviated after exercising
You want to do something good for your health and then do that: after the training sessions, a painful muscle ache sets in. The complaints are generally harmless, but extremely unpleasant. However, there are ways to relieve the pain.

Regular exercise is healthy
Sport is healthy. Regular training sessions can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attack. Athletes are also less likely to suffer from overweight or obesity. However, after particularly intensive runs, strength training in the gym, a strenuous game of volleyball or a long mountain hike, there is sometimes muscle soreness. Some believe that this is a sign of effective training. But that is not the case.

Sore muscles through intensive training
"It occurs when I exercise certain muscle groups too much, i.e. exercise too intensively, or do unusual movements," explains Prof. Herbert Löllgen, Honorary President of the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP) from Remscheid in a message from the news agency dpa.

And Michael Behringer from the Institute for Training Science and Sports Informatics at the German Sport University in Cologne explains in the agency report that the muscular cause is mostly so-called eccentric loads. The muscle slows down stretching due to external forces. Examples are the lunges when playing squash or tennis.

Micro cracks in the muscles
It is still not completely clear what exactly happens in the body when there is sore muscles. According to Löllgen and Behringer, the thesis that it is about acidification of the muscle by lactic acid (lactates) has long been refuted. Nowadays, micro cracks in the muscles are assumed. You don't have to worry about that, because from a medical point of view, sore muscles are harmless.

As Behringer explains, it is a mild form of muscle injury that does not cause permanent damage. The affected muscles are more susceptible to serious injuries in this phase.

“So I shouldn't ignore him completely and keep training just as intensely. That could backfire, ”said the expert. In his opinion, further training, i.e. renewed stress, is one of the best methods of treating sore muscles. "But it shouldn't be like exposing the muscle to another injury," explains Behringer.

Warmth can help with the discomfort
According to dpa, Löllgen therefore speaks of "regeneration training". According to the doctor, the sport is less intense with sore muscles and restrained somewhat with ambition. Warmth in the form of a bath or sauna could also help. Massages, on the other hand, are only advisable if they are not too intense.

Some home remedies for sore muscles also have a good effect. For example, ointments or oils that contain substances that promote blood circulation or herbs have proven their worth.

Stretching cannot prevent sore muscles
The opinion that stretching before exercise can prevent sore muscles is now a thing of the past among experts. "It is better to warm up before the training," says Michael Branke, Pedagogical Director of the German Fitness Instructor Association (DFLV) in Baunatal.

The warm-up should be so intense that the circulation is stimulated and it is easy to sweat. Branke also recommends preparing specifically depending on the sport. For example, a soccer player should think more about the legs when warming up, and a handball player should also do something with the arms.

Give the body time
While some bodybuilders believe that there is no training effect in the form of muscle growth without sore muscles, Branke does not share them. Rather, he advises to slowly increase the intensity while doing sports and to practice regularly. "Then sore muscles tend to occur rarely." And Behringer says in the dpa report: "You should give the body time to adapt to the higher stress. Then everything is fine. ”(Ad)

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