The majority of Germans ask about “Dr. Google "

Medical advice: Germans search for “Dr. Google "
What could the sharp stomach ache indicate? What is the best home remedy for constipation? What is cystic fibrosis? Most Germans turn to “Dr. Google ". This is also shown by a current survey commissioned by the commercial health insurance company.

First point of contact for health research
For many people, “Dr. Google “mostly the first point of contact for health research. This is also shown by a current forsa survey commissioned by the KKH commercial health insurance company. According to this, 73 percent of Germans have searched the Internet for information on a disease or symptoms, course or treatment options.

Handle information critically
This becomes problematic when users are not critical enough of the information when searching the Internet. In this context, experts repeatedly warn against self-diagnoses on the Internet. According to experts, googling should never rely on just one source for diseases. In addition, the search results should normally only be considered as a supplement to the doctor's specialist advice.

Satisfied with research results
Ivonne Marx from the KKH service team in Bonn said in a message from the cash register: "Many people are obviously very interested in acquiring a certain amount of medical knowledge on the Internet even as a layperson." Most of the respondents are satisfied with the result of their research. 76 percent find the information about the disease they are looking for helpful.

You can easily become a hypochondriac
However, despite these experiences, many respondents generally expressed skepticism about information about diseases on the Internet. Of the 1,015 people aged between 18 and 70 interviewed, 77 percent believe that laypersons are more likely to be unsettled by the large amount of information about diseases on the Internet. 62 percent fear that it will be easy to become a hypochondriac if one researches illnesses on the Internet long enough.

Do not keep clicking through terror reports
"Serious sources on the Internet do not replace the doctor, but they can be a first point of contact," says Marx. "It is important to limit yourself to a few professional pages and not to click through subjective forum posts and horror reports for hours." (Ad)

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