Herzrasen Freihaus: Café sells a drink that is 80 times stronger than espresso

Herzrasen Freihaus: Café sells a drink that is 80 times stronger than espresso

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Awakeners: Coffee that is 80 times stronger than espresso
For many people, nothing works without coffee in the morning. First two or three cups of the pick-me-up and the day can begin. The stimulating effect can also be exaggerated. A café in Adelaide, Australia, sells coffee that is said to be 80 times stronger than espresso. The drink is not recommended for cardiovascular patients.

Coffee is not unhealthy
Coffee has long been assumed to have a health hazard. The excessive consumption of the popular hot beverage has been linked, among other things, to an increased risk of diseases such as high blood pressure or heart attack. In recent years, studies have often come to the opposite conclusion. So coffee can be good for the heart and also prevent arterial calcification. Most people don't drink the hot beverage for health reasons, but to keep themselves awake.

The popular pick-me-up
Although coffee is popular as a pick-me-up, it has often lost its effectiveness in higher doses, as recently reported. But what if the drink is much stronger than conventional coffee? Adventure seekers in Adelaide (Australia) can try this. There, a café serves a drink that should keep you awake for 18 hours, reports the internet portal "".

80 times stronger than espresso
At “Viscous Coffee” in Adelaide, Australia, coffee is sold that is said to be 80 times stronger than espresso. The drink called "Asskicker" contains four espresso shots, some milk and two different mixtures of coffee, which are obtained using the cold drip process (drop by drop - with maximum caffeine content).

The baristas working in the café had developed the drink to help a nurse stay awake while she was working shifts. However, they had to adjust the recipe after discovering that the coffee mix "kept them awake for a total of three days".

Not for people with cardiovascular diseases
When customers order the "Asskicker", they receive instruction from the staff. The drink must therefore be taken in sips. According to café owner Steve Benington, he has to "be sipped for three to four hours".

Otherwise there could be considerable health problems. The café points out that people who have heart disease or high blood pressure drink coffee at their own risk. (ad)

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