TCM researcher: Acupuncture works for headaches and migraines

TCM researcher: Acupuncture works for headaches and migraines

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Study showed: Acupuncture helps with chronic headaches and migraines
Headaches and migraines are common among the population. To treat the complex clinical picture comprehensively, acupuncture treatment can contribute as an alternative and supplement to the medicinal treatment of migraines. This was shown by a current Cochrane review.

A Cochrane review has recently been published that examines the effect of acupuncture on the prophylaxis of episodic migraines. The review took into account 22 studies with a total of 4985 patients, in the course of which acupuncture was compared with either minimal or sham acupuncture, no treatment or routine care, or conventional (medicinal) treatments.

The studies checked the frequency of migraine attacks and the number of days with headache / migraine.

Treatment with acupuncture compared to sham acupuncture or no treatment showed only minor effects on the frequency of attacks and response rate. However, the frequency of seizures could be significantly reduced compared to prophylactic drug treatment, whereby this positive effect was lost in the course of the follow-up phase.

In comparison to conventional medication administered prophylactically, acupuncture was just as effective as conventional migraine medication. In some cases, acupuncture treatment was even more effective. The scientists conclude that acupuncture can be recommended as the sole or accompanying treatment in the context of migraine therapy.

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