Urgent cooking before eating: never prepare runner beans as raw food

Urgent cooking before eating: never prepare runner beans as raw food

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No raw food: Prepare runner beans correctly
Beans are currently in high season in Germany. Some people avoid green legumes because they are afraid of getting indigestion after eating. The right preparation can make the beans more digestible. The legumes should never be eaten raw.

Difficult to digest legumes
Although beans are very popular with most Germans, some avoid the hard-to-digest legumes because they fear symptoms such as a bloated stomach or flatulence after consumption. But you can also prepare them more tolerably.

As the provincial association of Rhenish fruit and vegetable growers explains on its website, it is advisable “to add a little savory when cooking the beans. By adding this seasoning herb, which can be dried very well, the vegetables are easier to digest ”. It can also help to water the beans before cooking and season them with caraway seeds.

Never eat beans raw
Beans are currently in high season in Germany. As the experts explain, a distinction is made between bush and runner beans depending on the growth habit. “Beans should never be eaten raw. They contain hydrocyanic acid, which is broken down by heating, ”warns the association. Only then can beans be eaten, and they cannot be eaten raw.

Healthy plant substances and vitamins
Boiled beans are extremely good for our health. They contain numerous healthy phytochemicals. These include flavonoids, which protect the cells in the body from harmful radicals, strengthen the immune system and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Green beans also contain B vitamins and the potassium that is important for cell growth. Magnesium is also an important component. This mineral is good for muscles and nerves, helps with diabetes and is of course important to prevent magnesium deficiency.

Beans in the modern kitchen
The Provincial Association of Rhenish Fruit and Vegetable Farmers points out the long tradition of bean cultivation in the Rhineland. In addition to classics such as the Rheinische bean soup cooked with buttermilk, beans are also used in modern cuisine. Delicious bean recipes can be found on the Internet, among other things. (ad)

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