Oddities: Lidl recall for peanuts and yogurt - these contain nuts and milk

Oddities: Lidl recall for peanuts and yogurt - these contain nuts and milk

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Absurd reasons: Lidl recall campaign for nuts and yoghurt
The German discounter Lidl has launched a recall campaign for peanuts and yoghurt in Great Britain. Such product recalls are in themselves not uncommon. But here the reason seems a bit absurd. It is not stated in English on the product concerned that it contains nuts or milk.

Peanuts contain nuts
People who suffer from a food allergy are particularly dependent on the correct labeling of the ingredients in food in order to avoid health risks due to the accidental intake of the allergens. Nut allergies in particular are a major burden. One should actually think that no one needs to be advised that peanuts contain nuts. But far from it. In the UK, the German discount chain Lidl has now started a product recall.

Call back for missing notice in English
According to media reports, Lidl in the UK is recalling “Milbona” fruit yoghurts and “Alesto” honey peanuts, as not all packaging states that the products contain nuts and milk in English. The British Food Standards Agency criticized the missing warnings.

Health risk for allergy sufferers
On their website, you can read about the recall of yogurts: “The product contains milk, but the label does not say that in English. This means that the product is a health hazard for anyone suffering from an allergy to milk or its ingredients. ”According to health experts, milk allergy is one of the most common allergic reactions to food. It has to be distinguished from lactose intolerance (lactose intolerance).

Buyers with an allergy should not consume products
The reason for the recall of the "Alesto Hony Peanuts" was stated that the package lacked the indication that they contained peanuts. The company asks buyers with a corresponding allergy not to consume the affected products and to return them to the stores. (ad)

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