Shared blood banana photos: HIV contaminated blood splashes in bananas?

Shared blood banana photos: HIV contaminated blood splashes in bananas?

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HIV blood in bananas? Beware of fake messages that spread fear and terror!
Images of “bleeding bananas” are currently shared on social networks. Some of those who share these images claim that they are “HIV-infected” bananas. The reddish pulp is said to be blood from infected Africans. The images then animate to click, because the inclined reader naturally wants to know quickly what the admittedly unsavory changes are all about.

If the user clicks on the picture, he is forwarded to an ominous "sex page". A subscription is to be concluded there, not to read the real story about the bleeding bananas, but to view suggestive pictures and videos for a lot of money. So the user still doesn't know what the reddish meat in the banana is all about and whether the fruit actually contains HIV blood.

Red pulp due to malnutrition
Our team of experts has now taken on the question. Sebastian Bertram, editor-in-chief of “HeilpraxisNet”, says: “This message creates fear of the stranger. It is by no means blood. The banana pictures shared on Facebook do not show blood or even infected HIV meat, but fruit pulp that has not been adequately supplied with nutrients. ”This phenomenon is called“ dry red ”by experts. The deficiency symptom can also be seen in the fact that the bananas have taken on a very narrow shape. The meat was not adequately supplied and turns red.

Conclusion: A lot of messages on Facebook are fakes. Whether racist agitators or charlatans, they all have one thing in common: the images should unsettle, stir up fears and encourage clicks. The banana pictures also add that the amazed users should be lured into a subscription trap. Tip: Report shared blood banana pictures to Facebook and let someone know who shared them carelessly. (sb)

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