Sweet grilled dessert: delicious peaches on the grill

Sweet and delicious: peaches also taste grilled
Even the cooler temperatures do not prevent many Germans from grilling. Often, not only meat and sausages are put on the grill, but also vegetarian dishes. After hearty meals, delicious desserts can also be prepared on the grill.

Desserts for grill fans
For many Germans, convivial barbecues are an ideal summer. It is no longer just meat and sausages that are packed on the grill. Vegetarian grilling with vegetables and tofu is not only popular with vegetarians and vegans. Regardless of whether the main course is steak, sausage, vegetable skewers, grilled cheese or burger: after the spicy dishes, many long for a sweet dessert. Peaches, for example, are suitable as a dessert for grill fans.

Delicious peaches are also healthy
Peaches taste both cold and warm, raw, cooked and also grilled. "The sugar they contain caramelizes over the hot grill and the heat brings out the flavors of the fruit in a particularly tasty way," explains the State Association of the Bavarian Dairy Industry (LVBM) in a press release. Peaches are not only delicious, but thanks to the numerous vitamins (B1, B2, C, E) and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, they are also very healthy. In addition, they have hardly any calories. The fruits also contain carotenoids, healthy secondary plant substances that have, among other things, antioxidative properties, i.e. they render free radicals harmless, which can damage sensitive cell structures, for example. Scientific studies also indicated that the consumption of carotenoids can counteract the metabolic syndrome.

Fruits combined with dairy products
Especially in combination with cream cheese or curd, grilled peaches taste sensational. The preparation is very simple: mix cream cheese, a little sour cream, a tablespoon of lime juice and half a teaspoon of grated lime zest with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of powdered sugar and pour onto the peach halves. "The residual heat from the hot coals is often sufficient to prepare grill desserts," the experts at LVBM write. In addition to fruits, yeast dough can also be grilled for dessert. Creamy quarks or creams go well with this. (ad)

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