Pregnancy Myth: Are Expectant Mothers Hungry Like Two People?

Pregnancy Myth: Are Expectant Mothers Hungry Like Two People?

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Always hungry for two? Pregnancy myths
Eating habits change radically with expectant mothers. Not only do you experience cravings over and over again, but pregnant women generally eat a lot more. But does it really have to be twice the usual amount? An expert explains.

Diet changes during pregnancy
Especially women who are pregnant for the first time get tips from friends and acquaintances on what to look out for. Much of it concerns nutrition. According to experts, fish and folic acid, for example, should be on the menu during pregnancy. However, some foods are not recommended. For example, researchers reported only a few months ago that the consumption of caffeinated drinks is a risk factor for miscarriages and should therefore be avoided. It's not just about what is on the table, but also how much. It is often said here: "Pregnant women have to eat for two". But is that really true? In a message from the dpa news agency, an expert has a clear answer:

Calorie requirements of expectant mothers increases
And that's no. This was said by Christian Albring, president of the professional association of gynecologists. The energy requirement is increasing, but not so strongly. "In the first third of pregnancy, the calorie requirement increases by about 200 calories a day compared to the time before," says Albring. According to this, expectant mothers should consume around 250 to 300 more calories than before the pregnancy. "That's not very much," said the gynecologist. However, the need for iron, iodine and other trace elements is increasing very strongly. In addition, pregnant women also have a higher need when it comes to vitamins: "So eat for two, but not twice as much."

One or two glasses of water to eat
In addition to the quantity, health experts have other simple eating rules ready for pregnant women. Expectant mothers should eat regularly and throughout the day. As a rough guide, take three main meals a day. If the hunger comes in between, two snacks can be added as needed. "The food selection and thus the composition of the nutrients should be carried out particularly carefully during pregnancy," writes the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) on its website, where further recommendations can be found. A lot of vegetables and salad should be on the menu. According to experts, one or two glasses of water should be drunk with each meal. (ad)

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