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Buying condoms is still uncomfortable for many people

Buying condoms is still uncomfortable for many people

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Survey: buying condoms is still embarrassing to many
Although contraception is a constant issue for almost every teenager and adult, most people still find it uncomfortable to buy condoms in the supermarket. According to a survey, buying condoms is embarrassing for almost every fifth German.

Every fifth German citizen is embarrassed buying condoms
Although sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise and condoms are good protection against infection, buying contraceptives in the supermarket is still an uncomfortable affair for many. As the German Press Agency reports, a survey on behalf of the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV) showed that the purchase of condoms is embarrassing for almost every fifth German (18 percent) - men as well as women. Especially for younger people between the ages of 18 and 24, almost every second person (42 percent) is uncomfortable getting condoms. According to the information, almost half of the respondents (46 percent) stated that they were afraid of becoming infected with an STD during sex with new or changing partners.

According to a survey, almost every fifth German is embarrassed to buy condoms in the supermarket - men as well as women. (Image: urubank / fotolia.com)

New awareness campaign
As part of the new education campaign of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) "Don't give AIDS a chance", which now runs under the motto "Love life", cartoons can be seen as poster motifs, with sayings such as "No matter what you like, uses condoms ”or“ your ex still itches you? Off to the doctor ”. The messages are said to be read on more than 65,000 billboards. In addition, a kind of new edition of the cinema and TV spot classic "Tina, what do the condoms cost?" From 1989 is on the program. In the new video, the comedy star Ingolf Lück, who at the time played a teenager in a shameful condom purchase, appears as a father buying condoms with his film son in the supermarket. (ad)

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