Diagnosis of cancer: early nutritional advice particularly important

Diagnosis of cancer: early nutritional advice particularly important

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Cancer patients should definitely prevent malnutrition
About half of all cancer patients unintentionally lose fat and muscle mass in the course of the disease and thus often significantly lose weight. As the German Cancer Society informs, malnutrition can have very unpleasant consequences and can worsen the prognosis of the disease in an emergency. It is therefore important that those affected eat according to the circumstances. Special nutrition experts offer support.

Tumor cachexia can occur at any time
Cancer often leads to malnutrition and a loss of fat and muscle mass. This can happen in every phase of the disease, often even before the diagnosis is made. This is what the German Cancer Society points out on its online internet portal, according to the "dpa" news agency. The so-called "tumor cachexia" usually means a very heavy burden for patients and their relatives, because those affected would like to eat - but cannot. In addition, the utilization and absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract is often disrupted, the experts inform.

The risk of comorbidities increases
About half of all people diagnosed with cancer lose their body weight unintentionally in the course of the disease, e.g. with certain types of cancer in the upper gastrointestinal tract or with particularly aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, there are often even more affected people. The consequences are usually very uncomfortable, because in addition to a reduced quality of life, the risk of comorbidities such as pneumonia or urinary tract infection. Since the patients lose not only fat but also muscle mass, their physical performance also drops. According to studies, cancer-related weight loss can lead to a poorer prognosis, the company continues.

It is therefore important that cancer patients seek professional support and advice as early as possible. Those affected can find this with a trained nutrition expert who has the appropriate experience with the clinical picture. With the help of the specialist, the risk of malnutrition could then be checked and individual preventive measures developed, according to the German Cancer Society. (No)

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