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Foot feet

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The feet form the lower end of the legs. They are connected to the lower leg via the ankle and are divided from the back to the front into the area of ​​the tarsus, midfoot and toes. Their basic structure forms a large number of bones. These are movably connected to one another by numerous joints, particularly in the area of ​​the toes. The feet are subjected to considerable stress when standing, walking and running, which often leads to foot pain and other complaints after a long day on the legs.

Many people clearly see the consequences of everyday stress on their feet. Osteoarthritis (joint wear) in the toe joints, but also the development of a heel spur, associated with corresponding heel pain, as well as misalignments of the feet, such as a so-called hallux valgus (big toe misalignment), a flat foot, spreading foot or flat foot are associated with the (incorrect ) Brought stress in everyday life. In addition, there are congenital malpositions such as a sickle or club foot. Accompanying foot pain can be found in many of the symptoms mentioned - especially under stress.

The increasing symptoms in the area of ​​the feet also include fluid retention in the tissue. Swollen feet - especially after a long day on their feet - form a widespread symptom, the causes of which can be of very different types and should be clarified urgently by a doctor if they occur repeatedly. Serious cardiovascular diseases can trigger the symptoms here.

In diabetics, the feet need special attention because small, unnoticed injuries due to poor wound healing can quickly become a real problem. Large-scale inflammation and necrosis of the tissue form, which in the worst case require an amputation of the foot. Regular foot care can significantly reduce the risk of diabetic foot syndrome.

Last but not least, skin diseases such as athlete's foot, warts or so-called corns often appear on the feet. Toenail complaints such as ingrown nails or nail fungus are also relatively common. In addition, the increased formation of calluses on the feet is perceived as disturbing by some people, although it usually has no pathological causes. The same applies to the sweaty feet from which many people suffer. The unpleasant smell is annoying, but usually not associated with health risks.

Under the soles of the feet there are so-called reflex zones, which are also used for therapeutic purposes. Classic acupressure and foot reflexology massage start here, whereby an interaction with all other body regions is assumed and the therapeutic areas of application are correspondingly wide. (fp)


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