Mobile health risk: cell phones in your pockets reduce sperm

Mobile health risk: cell phones in your pockets reduce sperm

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Mobile phones reduce sperm in your pants
Most people carry their cell phones in their pockets. Men in particular are not concerned about the consequences of the radiation. There is some evidence that the hand jets are responsible for significantly reducing the number of sperm after a long period of time. This is indicated by a current scientific study

If men carry their cell phones in their pockets all day or use them for at least an hour or more every day, the researchers say this has a negative impact on fertility. The quality of the sperm deteriorates, and the amount of sperm also decreases. A cell phone would literally cook the male sperm, the scientists from the Israeli “Technion University” claim based on their research. The researchers published the results of their study in the journal "Reproductive BioMedicine".

Do not make calls for too long and do not carry your cell phone in your pocket
Nowadays, almost everyone has a portable phone. We are available all day and use the cell phone for all kinds of other activities. Young people in particular mostly use their phones every free second to play, surf the Internet or communicate on social networks. Some adolescents and adults are downright dependent on their cell phones. For such people, it will not be good news that excessive cell phone use can damage male sperm, the doctors stress. Just one hour a day on the phone is enough to determine negative effects on male fertility. Another great danger is if the phone is carried in your pocket all day. Experts warn that wearing sperm also worsens sperm quality and reduces the number of sperm.

Carry the phone in your jacket pocket, far from your testicles
We suspect that this sperm damage is caused by sperm heating up from the phone and by electromagnetic activity, says Martha Dirnfeld from the "Technion University". Almost half of the men (47 percent) who carried their cell phones in their pockets had an abnormal concentration of sperm. In the normal male population as a whole, the figure was only eleven percent. The study was carried out at fertility clinics in Israel, with 106 men taking part, the doctors explain. If men use a cell phone for more than an hour a day, the probability of a lower sperm concentration is doubled, the scientists calculated. If you carry your phone around with you all day, you should never keep it in your pocket. Transport it better in the breast pocket of your suit, as far away as possible from the testicles, the experts advise. This will already reduce the risk of your fertility and the number of sperm will decrease less strongly.

Falling birth rates could be related to cell phones
Many of the study participants placed their phone next to them on the bedside table, which was often only a few centimeters from their bed, the doctors explain. Even if the cell phone is on a bedside table next to us, the number of sperm is already reduced, the experts report. The results support a long-feared connection between falling birth rates and the prevalent and widespread use of mobile phones, the scientists explain. The quality of sperm in men in western countries is steadily declining and is crucial in forty percent of cases where couples have difficulty having a child, the experts say. (as)

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