Current heat wave: Drink at least an additional liter of water every day?

Current heat wave: Drink at least an additional liter of water every day?

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Red Cross advises: Drink an additional liter of water every day

For many days, high summer temperatures in Germany have been above 30 degrees. And it gets even hotter: 36 degrees should be reached in some places. The extreme heat can cause considerable health damage. To protect yourself, you should always drink enough.

Health damage from heat

The sweaty heat wave lasts even longer. Temperatures of up to 36 degrees are predicted for the coming days. If the temperature rises, there can be considerable damage to health. The German Red Cross (DRK) is therefore increasingly expecting heat emergencies - especially among older or sick people. The DRK federal physician Prof. Dr. Peter Sefrin, how to stay cool even in the heat.

Increase daily drinking amount significantly

Above all, it is important to drink a lot in the heat. According to Sefrin, the daily drinking amount of around 1.5 - 2 liters should be increased by at least one liter.

Because the feeling of thirst is often lost in older people, they have hardly any drive to drink under normal circumstances.

“The problem is exacerbated in the heat, because more fluid is excreted by sweating. Sick people are also particularly at risk in the heat because certain medications have a draining effect, ”explains the doctor.

The consumption of alcohol must be restricted as it leads to increased fluid loss. It also works much faster and stronger on hot days.

Don't forget sun protection

You should protect yourself from direct sunlight. Long stays in the sun and physical exertion should be avoided.

“Movements in a warm environment mean that the circulatory system has a double load. Toddlers and seniors should never be exposed to the direct sun, ”says Sefrin.

A sun hat, possibly with a neck protection, is a must to protect children from too much sun. Such headgear is also advisable for seniors.

On excursions or other outdoor activities, sunscreen with a high sun protection factor should not be forgotten. Light-proof clothing that can absorb sweat and is permeable to heat is also recommended.

The expert also points out that living spaces should be kept as cool as possible and well ventilated in the evening or in the morning.

During the day, too much heat can be prevented by closing the curtains and closing windows and doors.

What to do in case of health emergencies

The DRK federal doctor also explains what to do if health emergencies occur due to the heat.

“The first signs of a heat emergency can be circulatory problems, a sudden circulatory collapse, but also muscle cramps, especially in the legs,” says Sefrin.

“Chilled, electrolyte-containing drinks help here - like apple juice spritzer. A heat build-up can be prevented by opening unnecessary or tight clothing. Provide additional cooling through cold envelopes and fanning air. "

If the state of the heat victim does not improve as a result of the first aid measures, the emergency services must be called on 112. (ad)

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