Study: Cyclists are less overweight, but e-bike riders are not

Study: Cyclists are less overweight, but e-bike riders are not

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The way to work by bike reduces weight

Cycling is the healthiest way to get around our cities quickly. A study of getting around in seven European cities found that people who cycle every day had the lowest BMI of any class of road user. However, this does not apply if those affected use a so-called e-bike.

In their current research, scientists from Imperial College London and Hasselt University in Belgium found that riding a bike seems to be the healthiest way to get around cities. Regular users of bicycles have the lowest BMI of all road users. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Environment International".

E-bike users only minimally reduce their BMI

The study focused on some major cities such as Vienna, Zurich, Antwerp, Barcelona and Rome. The study found that people with an e-bike had a higher BMI compared to participants who rode normal bikes. E-bike riders also had a higher BMI than pedestrians. In addition, their BMI was higher than that of subjects who used public transport and motorcycles. The only group of road users who had a higher BMI than e-bike users were motorists, the scientists explain.

How did cycling affect men?

Cities should generally be made friendlier for users of bicycles, so that not only the obesity of the population can be combated, but also the increasing air pollution, the researchers explain. The study, which analyzed the habits of more than 2,000 people in different cities, found that if men used bicycles instead of cars every day to get to work, they would lose an average of about 0.75 kilograms of weight BMI was reduced by 0.24. The results for the female participants were somewhat lower.

Cycling prevents overweight and obesity

Driving a car contributes to obesity and also air pollution. In contrast, bicycle users burn fat and do not pollute the environment, explains study author Audrey de Nazelle from the Center for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London. Even if people only ride their bikes occasionally, for example, to run errands, the study found that they could keep their BMI. In this way, cycling prevents overweight people from gaining weight, and cycling also prevents normal weight people from becoming overweight or obese, adds study author Dr. Evi Dons from Hasselt University added. (as)

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