Natural sleep aid: Lavender scent instead of harmful sleeping pills

Natural sleep aid: Lavender scent instead of harmful sleeping pills

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Aroma care: Lavender has a calming effect and relieves pain

Lavender, vanilla and Co: Natural aromas can not only have a calming and relaxing effect, but also relieve pain and help against diseases. This is what health experts point out on the occasion of World Fragrance Day.

Essential oils not only for relaxation

Essential oils are mostly used to relax, but aromatherapy can also relieve pain and help against diseases. This is also known at the Carl Gustav Carus Dresden University Hospital. The clinic has been using natural aromas for a long time. For the World Fragrance Day on June 27, the experts will explain in a message what the fragrances are good for.

Natural plant essences for the benefit of the patient

Quark wrap with essential oils, rubbing in to stimulate breathing or lavender scent for sleep disorders - the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden uses natural plant essences for the benefit of the patient.

The so-called aroma care has been used as a complementary care method for some time. With the aim of promoting the physical and psychological well-being of patients, natural plant essences are used in essential oils as well as vegetable oils - especially for seriously ill patients.

In particular in the intensive care units of the clinics for anesthesia and for neurology as well as the medical clinics, fragrances are used to alleviate fears, sleep disorders, pain or nausea, for example.

"With aroma care, we offer our patients a special form of care. The natural scents and essences of the plants and the oils obtained from them support the healing process and promote the well-being of the patient, ”says aroma expert Bianca Braune.

The health and nursing staff is a trained and medically certified expert in aroma care at the university hospital.

Pain relieving and soothing

The vanilla extract used in aroma care, for example, works in a variety of ways - including analgesic and soothing, the experts explain.

The scent of red mandarin, on the other hand, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as digestion.

And lavender is not only relaxing and soothing, it also relieves pain.

Fragrances or aromas can be used against symptoms as well as against the side effects of strong drugs, such as those used in cancer therapy.

The employees who specialize in aroma care can also promote the breathing of patients suffering from pneumonia, or support their resolution in the event of large bruises.

Aroma care is an important addition to conventional medical therapies

In aroma care, essential oils and vegetable oils are used. Essential oils are highly fragrant substances that arise in various parts of plants.

They have a physical effect on the vegetative and central nervous system through the skin and mucous membrane, as well as through the sense of smell.

The various possible uses include scenting a room, washes and baths, pads and compresses, as well as liniments and massages.

"Aroma care is an important addition to the wide range of conventional medical therapies and is used in almost all clinics of the University Hospital Dresden at the request of the patient," explains nursing director Jana Luntz.

"We are reducing medication consumption and experiencing greater patient satisfaction," said the expert. (ad)

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